Negotiating With Landlords To Get That Dream Apartment

blue-ocean-strategyWhat can you do to get that Landlord to notice you above the crowd?

Like most potential residents looking for an apartment, by now you’ve probably called a lot of different landlords and you may be frustrated with the lack of communication between you and the landlord when trying to find out about the apartment.

Landlords also have been speaking to a number of people about the apartments they have to rent over and over again. Sometimes, the landlord too becomes frustrated with people who call looking for an apartment who aren’t prepared at all to have the conversation.

Lots of landlords I know and manage properties for are very busy people. They’re busy preparing their apartments for rent. They are busy making repairs. They are busy keeping up with the ever changing landscape of legal regulations, sanitary code requirements, and building codes. They’re busy working with vendors and contractors to keep the place up to snuff. And they’re busy trying to rent their apartments as quickly as possible as soon as they have a vacancy to pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance, water, sewer, utilities and maintenance.

When you call that landlord and reach them on the phone, you’ve probably reached them in the middle of their day when they are trying to put out fires, get a thousand things done, get the apartment rented, and tries to solve all the other related issues they need to deal with being a landlord.

Actually, if you find a landlord like this who is busy when you get them on the phone, this a good sign. You want to find a busy landlord. That means he’s busy getting things done. When you live in their apartment, now you already know they’re the type of landlord who’ll make it a priority to take care of you and the apartment. You probably do not want to find a landlord with too much time on their hands. Unless they have a team of people working for them, things are probably not getting done in a timely matter, if being done at all.

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I hope by walking you through the “Top Ten Tips on How to Get Your Dream Apartment” we can help streamline the process for you to have better communication with the landlord. By doing so, give you a better chance at getting that dream apartment that you really, really want.

When you request your free copy of “Top Ten Tips on How to Get Your Dream Apartment” we’re going to walk you through some simple steps that are really just common sense when you call a landlord about an apartment. These are the types of things landlords really expect to be part of the conversation. They’re going to have certain questions that they are going to ask you.

Then by being prepared, and having the answers that they need, you will absolutely improve your chances of getting that dream apartment. We will send you our free report, all you have to do is ask. This is the first step to you journey “home”.

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