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Belaire Property Management LLC
Testimonials: Our Reviews

Our Reviews
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  Belaire Property Management LLC has been in the property management business for our landlords since 2001 in Northern Worcester County and have established a well-respected track record along the way from our colleagues, landlords, clients and residents.

Here are just a few of the comments we would like to share.

"The true test of a property manager is their performance under the worst possible circumstances. Any competent property manager can set rent, get leases signed, and do routine maintenance. Brian is already great at the ordinary tasks of a property manager, and his professional network already began to elevate him, but what truly separates people like Brian from the rest of the "competition" is his superlative professionalism, and his extraordinary ability to respond to crises.

One of our residents passed away unexpectedly, and I was incredibly saddened for this person and their family. I called Brian at 10:00 PM., and he had a hazmat team there the next morning, an insurance adjuster the day after that, and, most importantly, he took care of the family. Brian ensured that this person's loved ones received the compassion that they deserved and went out of his way to meet with them and give them a helping hand. He even arranged for flowers to be given on our behalf for the funeral services.

This incident alone is what made me realize that I hired a phenomenal property manager, who operates so far above his peers that he is truly in a class of his own."

Google Review from,
Michael Marchetti - Landlord

"We are Massachusetts Landlords. We recently decided to start a renovation project on the first-floor unit of a 3-family apartment building in Fitchburg. We decided we would remodel the apartment then live in that unit once the project was finished. The problem was we just did not know how to get the project started.

We called Belaire Property Management from an ad we saw on the Northern Worcester County Landlord Association web site and within a few minutes, they were able to talk us through the steps we had to take, the process of what we needed to do next to do this all above board and legal, and how we should proceed to get a building permit for our project.

We knew that when you go to the bank to get financing for an apartment building that any apartment building with 4+ units required a commercial loan. But what we did not know was that when you had to pull a building permit for an apartment building renovation for anything over 2+ units, then the code book requirements change for a commercial building, not the residential building code book.

Brian explained all of this to us on a morning phone call at 9:45 AM and by 1:00 PM that very same day was able to meet us at the Building Department to assist us in filling out the correct building permit application. When you fill out a building permit for a commercial building, any property with 2+ units, you cannot fill out the permit as the homeowner doing the work yourself. For a commercial building permit, you must have the application submitted by a licensed, insured professional contractor. We did not know this. We thought we could just fill out the application ourselves.

We also did not know that Brian, the Property Manager from Belaire Property Management, holds his Construction Supervisor License in the State of Massachusetts, knew the building inspector very well, knew the code required to do the project, and was able to jump through all of the hoops for us on the spot to submit the permit application and get the project rolling.

We cannot thank Belaire Property Management enough for their expertise, assistance, and prompt response for a project that had us so unsure of which way to turn that we were losing sleep and feeling baffled on how to proceed.

We highly recommend Belaire Property Management to any Landlord or property owner who wants to make sure that their project is done correctly, by the correct building and housing codes, and that all of the work will be performed by licensed and insured professionals. We cannot thank them enough for all of their help and guidance. Belaire Rocks!!!"

Google review from,
Brenda Coveno Watson - Landlord

"My experience with Belaire Property Management goes back nearly 10 years. In that time, I have gotten to know them as a business, and Brian in particular, quite well. As property managers, they not only do an amazing job screening potential residents, they also take great care of their places which translates to happy tenants. In my experience, happy tenants = happy landlord!"

Google review from,
Ron LeShane - Landlord

"My family and I have experienced nothing but professionalism and courtesy while doing business as tenants with Belaire Property Management. Our apartment is beautiful, so beautiful the inside of the older 3 family home looks like new construction with updated appliances and plenty of space for a family of 3. They are the best to rent from. I would refer anyone to them and we hope to be long time tenants."

Google review from,
Lakeshia Parker - Resident

"Belaire helped me sign my first apartment in Gardner. I was new to the area, but Brian walked me through the leasing process and even referred me to local places that still come in handy to this day. He has always been punctual in responding to my messages (even over the holidays), and I know I will always be able to rely on Belaire. 5 stars!!"

Google review from,
Stacey Kong - Resident

"I've signed multiple leases with Brian over the past 10 years. He has been nothing but professional and detail-oriented. A few months back, I was a bit upset when I had some issues with the kitchen appliances in my brand-new unit. Fortunately, the problem was resolved the same day.

My family and I were very satisfied with the prompt response and swift action that was taken. Brian even made the time to follow up by calling a few days after to make sure everything was running smoothly. We felt genuinely cared for, and we know we will continue to depend on Belaire in the future."

Google review from,
Brian Lee - Resident

"Super professional, knowledgeable about all the laws and codes, runs an upstanding business. A great example for other property managers to follow. A++"

Google review from,
Rich Merlino - Landlord/Property Manager

"We have rented from Brian for nearly 6 years now and he has always been professional & courteous. The day before Thanksgiving our oven stopped working, and he took the time out of his holiday to make sure we had a new oven by Thanksgiving morning! Thank you again, Brian!! 5 stars!"

Google review from,
Carley Levasseur - Resident

"Just saw a property they manage and WOW. I have rented from many different places in handful of states and this was the best experience I have had at a showing. So kind, knowledgeable and while my wife and I filled out the applications at the property he kept our little one amused with a picture book so she wouldn't get fussy. They certainly have a high level of quality that they strive for in terms of the condition of the properties. Nicest one I've seen in area!"

Google review from,
Rolf Meyer - Resident

"I have firsthand experience with Belaire Property Management Company and they nothing short of spectacular. I have dealt with other property management companies in the past and Belaire goes above and beyond to make sure that their residents are living in safe, clean & up to date units. Every unit I have seen, is nothing short of five stars, the layout and designs of the units is simply stunning!"

Google review from,
Michael Sarao - Landlord

"First off, I would like to say that the property we lease from Belaire Property Management is phenomenal! We just had a new baby girl and we love this place, it has plenty of room for all of us! We have looked at a few of the properties managed by Brian and he makes every one of his properties the best looking, and they have the most current colors and styles for modern day houses, they are beautiful!

Secondly Brian is the best property manager to want, doesn't matter if you're a tenant or a landlord, YOU WANT BELAIRE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT!!! He is awesome, no matter what the issue is he always responds right away. The organization is great too, when we signed our lease it wasn't just a single piece of paper form downloaded of the internet, he had an entire packet for us with information that would help us down the line for any number of issues. He laid out every part of our lease for us so that we could understand and it was amazing. He makes moving a much easier and pleasant experience for any one moving into a new place. I am not a landlord but to the landlords reading this, I would not choose any one else to rent from. The property is well kept and as I said before everything is beautiful.

Lastly if you are ever looking for a new place and you are totally unsure of what you are doing (like I was) you definitely need to at least give Belaire Property Management a call. I promise you will not be disappointed!"

Google review from,
Robert LaBrecque - Resident

"Dear Brian, Thank you very much for the opportunity to rent with Belaire. I greatly appreciated your fairness and attention you show to each tenant. The apartment and grounds were always well-kept and maintained and any repair issues were resolved hastily and satisfactorily. I would highly recommend renting through Belaire to others and gladly would again given the opportunity in the future. Thank you."

Hand written note from,
Ian Wilder - Resident

"You have a lifetime of knowledge Brian! Good of you to give back to the community of investors as well as providing really nice housing and proper management for your residents."

Black Diamond REI Member,
Tom Connors - Landlord

"Hi Brian, I just wanted to let you know that it has become painfully clear to me that I have given up the best housing management team I could have ever asked for.

I miss your quick response, quick resolution and friendly personality. I miss the fact that you do not cut corners and you use quality materials. Everything you have ever done for us has been to our satisfaction and then some.

You will never know how much we appreciate that. I, for one, am sorely missing that right now as I am beginning to realize that all landlords are not created equally. You are, and always have been, a cut above the rest.

I am of the opinion that you should be giving classes in how to be effective property management. Thank you so much for everything you did for us in our time spent there with Belaire Property Management."

Exerpt from text message from,
Rose Auth - Previous Resident

"Thank you so much for the wonderful gift card that was very thoughtful and generous of you. Not many property managers would think to do something that nice for his tenants but then again you're not the typical property manager.

You go above and beyond to make people feel comfortable & welcome. Brian, you put a lot of hard work and personal touch into your properties. Thank you."

Exerpt from thank you card from,
Michele Floria - Resident

"Brian has been a wonderful landlord and I'm grateful for everything he has done for me in the past couple of years."

Exerpt from letter received from,
Meaghan Flaherty - Resident

"Renting from Belaire was a pleasure. Place was clean when we moved in. The property was maintained well. RE: plowing, mowing, etc. I would rent form Belaire Property Management again."

Review from Belaire Property Management Thumbtack Profile,
Andy Prince - Resident

"I've worked with Brian over the course of the 10+ years I worked for the Athol Housing Authority. I found him to be a superb landlord. He was meticulous about his properties, good with his tenants, fair but firm and extremely honest. That above all else makes him an asset to anyone in this field."

Review from Belaire Property Management Thumbtack Profile,
Sunda Grubb - Athol Housing Aunthority

"Just came home to a plowed driveway. You're the best!"

Text message from,
Meaghan Flaherty - Resident

"We have enjoyed our 3 years of residence with Belaire Property Manangement. Brian has been the best Property Manager we have ever had. Any problem we had encountered was resolved quickly and professionally. He always kept the property looking nice and clean. During the winter Brian was always punctually having the parking lot plowed and cleared of snow. We wish to thank everyone involved in making this a nice building to live in. Thank you."

Craig Larrabee & Sarah Irwin - Resident

"Andy and I found a house. Today is Andy and my last day renting from Belaire and we are moving into our new home. It has been a pleasure. We have enjoyed renting here. It is a great place and we appreciate the manner in which you operate your busness. Thank you."

Sonya & Andy Prince - Resident

"Thanks for accepting us and we look forward to moving into our new home! I appreciate the email and professionalism shown through this process. It makes looking for an apartment so much easier and we feel we have found a place we can call home."

Dan Earley - Resident

"Driveway looks good, good job keeping us plowed out.!"

Andrew Prince - Resident

"Wow, great job plowing! Thanks! You do an awesome AAA job!"

Melissa O'Dell - Resident

"Thank you for getting the glass in the door and the hot water heater fixed in such a very quick and timely manner. It is much appreciated, and thank you for being such a great landlord!"

Jessica S. Hughes - Resident

"Brian, who is the property manager at the building I lived in, was professional, courteous, responsive and thoroughly exceeded my expectations with every interaction I had with him over the course of the 2 years that I lived at the property. I didn't have much trouble while living there, but the few times there was a small issue it was resolved very quickly and seamlessly. The staff is amazing. Most of my interactions were with Brian, but I did meet some of his partners such as the plumber and he was courteous and efficient while doing his work.

My rental unit was much more than that to me. I really considered this place my home, and Brian made me feel very comfortable and secure in it. It was a beautiful unit, and just looking at it you could see the quality of work that was put into it to improve the property. Honestly, if circumstances permitted, I would have stayed there for many more years. Whenever I had a request/need for a repair I felt that Brian always made that issue his priority. Even if I felt it was a small issue, he was right on top of getting it corrected for me asap.

I would most certainly rent from Belaire Property Management again in a heartbeat. In fact, I will always recommend them to any friends or family who need a place to call home.

I am having difficulty thinking of even one thing that could be done better. I feel like everything I might come up with already has a plan. If I were to suggest something to be done better, I would say maybe revisiting the 60 day notice as that could be an issue for someone looking to leave their unit. It certainly wasn't an issue for me personally as I was able to give a 4 month notice. I would like to add that I find it pretty fantastic that I sat here thinking long and hard trying to come up with just one thing to suggest for improvement.

The process from start to finish was very smooth and simple. Everything made sense as we went through each piece of the process. I enjoyed every step of the way from the moment I decided to check out some of the Belaire Property units and rent with them, until the day I departed. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience!"

Thank You,
Meghan C. Thomas - Resident

"The Interaction with the property management has been really good. To rate the staff, it is a 10. The way I would describe the unit we lived in, is that it would be great for a couple who are looking to settle down. It is a great place to be. The repairs were done when needed, and on time. If I had to rent again I would definitely call Belaire Propertry Management."

Thank You,
The Blanchard's - Resident

"This is a very organized association and very well respected by my staff and all of my affiliated constables. I want to be the first to say, I give my endorsement. Please feel free to contact my office at any time for questions, and ask to speak to me directly."

Raymond Gonzalez,
Head Constable

"Please feel free at any time should you require to contact me directly for additional comments in my whole hearted endorsement of this incredible and appreciated organization."

Kelle L. O'Keefe,
Commercial & Investment Specialist Keller Williams Realty

"On behalf of the office of the Honorable Mayor Lisa Wong, we truly appreciate the active presence of your organization and the NWCLA in our rental housing community and working together with Fitchburg City Hall to continue to provide safe, affordable housing for the citizens of the City of Fitchburg, Massachusetts."

Ryan McNutt,
Chief of Staff, City of Fitchburg

"I have known you as a business associate since 2004. In that time I have found you to be a fair, reasonable and concscientious person to work with. You are helpful in assisting our clients to find decent, safe and sanitary housing without causing any undue stress to families that may sometimes only know stress in their lives. I would without a question, recommend you not only as a property manager, but as a business associate to anyone who asked about your character. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Orlette Jailett,
Gardner Housing Authority, Program Administrator

"Should you ever need my assistance or wish to use me as a reference for your organization, please do not hesitate to contact me directly."

Mark Hawke,
Mayor, City of Gardner


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