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Belaire Property Management LLC
Our Team

Meet Our Team

Yomi, CEA
Brian Lucier, RPM
Stacy Kong, A/LA
Brian Lee, OM
  Belaire Team Objectives

The combined team effort at Belaire Property Management LLC is focused on the number one goal of creating a "Beautiful Uplifting Experience" for all of our clients, contractors, staff and especially our residents. This is the paramount purpose of all of our dealings and our primary reason for being in business.

Belaire Property Management representatives must always hold with the highest esteem the interests of the client first. Each one of our team members, in each of our roles, exists for the sole purpose of supporting our clients to provide them with a
"Beautiful Uplifting Experience".

Chief Executive Animal

Nickname: Yomi
Expertise: Property Surviellance, Built-in Doorbell, Built-in Dinner Bell, Hooman Relations Supervision Specialist, Inspirational Coach & Mentor
Bio: Began training hoomans to abide by her wishes early on in her career. Speaks English, Korean, and Canine. Independent and works well with little supervision.
Favorite Color: Um, I am a dog and am colorblind - REALLY!?!
Favorite Food: Bananas, Blueberries, most fruits, and otherwise a no fat diet
Likes: Has a keen interest in breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacktime, and eating in general. Likes long walks with her hoomans and has an overall pleasant disposition. Guilty pleasures? Socks, slippers, and squeaky toys.
Quote: "Grrrr, bark bark, grrr, bark!"

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Brian Lucier
Regional Property Manager

Nickname: Gonzo
Expertise: Property Management, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Construction Supervisor License, Renovations, Playing Drums
Bio: Began managing our own rental apartment properties in 2001 and started managing for other landlords and property owners in 2008. Currently the president of the Northern Worcester County Landlord Association, member of Worcester Property Owner Association, and several other property management, property owner and real estate investor groups. Sits on several Non-Profit Boards and Finance Committees.
Favorite Color: Neutral Contemporary Colors that match both white and woodwork trim
Favorite Food: Italian eggplant parmesan la carne
Likes: Coffee, Espresso, Real Estate, Operation Manuals, Real Estate Books, Music, Tropical Beaches with a book in hand, toes in the sand, HGTV, Property Brothers, Love it or List it, Flip or Flop, Holmes - Do it right!
Quote: "If I can see it, and you can see it, the tenant can see it – fix it!"

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Stacy Kong
Acquisitions - Leasing Manager
Nickname: "Baby Kong"
Expertise: MicroSoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Dropbox, AppFolio Property Management Software, Time Management Software, Customer Service, Customer Relations, Tenant Screening/Background Checks, Property/Client Acquisitions, Leasing Manager
Bio: Personal Training, Tutoring, and Private Mentor, both in the USA and Korea. Studied business operations, business software and very computer savvy, Keen interest on Real Estate Markets and Investing Strategies, Fur Momma to CEA, Tri-Lingual in English/Korean/Canine (Yomi speak).
Favorite Color: Black, Grey, & Bling!
Favorite Food: Warm, crunchy, toasted garlic bread, hard cheeses, red wine
Likes: All types of cooking, caring for others, people, delicious foods, spending quality time with family, friends and CEA.
Quote: "There is never a dull moment in property management!"

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Brian Lee
Book Keeping - Chief Financial Strategist
Nickname: Bruce
Expertise: MicroSoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Dropbox, AppFolio Property Management Software, Quickbooks, Spreadsheets for breakfast, negotiations and contracts.
Bio: Studied business operations, finance, accounting, business software and computers, entreprenuer from a young age, investing, trading stocks, options and futures, Fur Poppa to CEA, Bi-Lingual in English/Korean
Favorite Color: Blue!
Favorite Food: Steak cooked "rare" - a GREAT cup of COFFEE
Likes: Electronics (all shapes and sizes), bargain shopping for deals (for everything), analyzing markets and trends, real estate, investing strategies, the stock market, options and futures - also a real estate investor.
Quote: "We can save more money if we buy it online!"

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Greater Lowell Landlord Association

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