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Belaire Property Management LLC
The Belaire Story

Once Upon a Time...
In 2001 Brian Lucier, with several private investors, started buying residential rental investment properties and apartment buildings in emerging markets along the commuter corridor path of Route 2 in Massachusetts. For the next 15 years they increased their property holdings to number 60+ units over 17 buildings including properties in Athol, Gardner, and Fitchburg Massachusetts as well as a high-end single-family rental homes in Port St. Lucie, Florida. They were also partners in a 230 unit complex in Green Tree Texas, for a time they also held an interest in international commercial properties in Seoul, South Korea.

Every Day...
Brian and his team would conduct the normal day-to-day business operations of renting, renovating, and managing their rental portfolio and continued to grow their rental business. HGTV programs heavily influenced their renovation projects with all of the gorgeous interior design trends and custom functionality from the fixer- upper shows that so inspired them.

They began to transition their entire rental portfolio to emulate the high-end rentals they were so inspired by on TV. They were constantly studying, reading, learning, and taking classes, workshops, seminars, and mentorships, coaching programs and absorbing everything they could to learn about real estate and running a profitable real estate business. They became sponges consuming everything they could constantly working on refining their business model to be more efficient and profitable.

Until One Day...
In 2003 Brian created Belaire Property Management LLC to operate all of the rental properties under the newly formed entity. Brian then began to develop business systems and an organizational structure for the company until he finally incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and transferred all of the management operations for their real estate holdings under that entity.

Because of That ...
In 2008 Brian was nominated unanimously by membership and became the President of the Northern Worcester County Landlord Association (, which is one of the 28 Massachusetts satellite landlord and property owner associations under Mass Rental Housing Administration (MRHA) and From this position as president of this non-profit association Brian became responsible for the training and tutelage of over 140 Massachusetts landlords on the best practices of being a successful Massachusetts landlord under the guidelines of:

  • Tenant/Landlord Law MGL 186 ss15B; 93a; 139 ss19
  • Housing Discrimination Law: Title VIII of Civil Rights Amendment of 1968
  • Information Protection Act: 201 CMR 17.00 & 93H
  • State Building Code 780 CMR
  • State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 410
  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • International Energy Code (IBC Energy Code)
  • American with Disabilities Act

And Because of That...
Brian saw first hand how so many landlords were struggling with the overwhelming legislation and regulations that were suppressing the real estate rental property industry. He saw smaller landlords suffering with the financial consequences of a legal system skewed against landlords.

Their properties were falling into disrepair from landlords going under not being able to collect rents and maintain their property. He also saw property management companies collecting lucrative fees from landlords no matter who they placed into the rentals. Too many property managers were not being responsible by placing unscreened tenants into rental units making matters worse.

Until Finally...
Brian seeing the success of the property management company he had built in Belaire Property Management realized that he had a solution. He could share all of his systems and operations to help other landlords who were suffering to become successful landlords.

Belaire Property Management could provide a playbook to understand the game by the rules and guidelines that have been established by the local, state, and the Federal government regarding rental property. So Brian began writing late in 2013 to document an operations manual to outline all of the best practices and procedures that had been so successful for his business. This mission continued as an all-consuming passion to provide these best practices to the benefit of his fellow landlords and property owners.

As of Today...
The Belaire Property Management Operations Manual has been completed as a living, breathing document that is constantly being updated, revised and improved to provide the best possible practices for being a Successful Massachusetts Landlord. Today, Belaire Property Management is aggressively pursuing additional landlords, clients, and property owners to add to their rental inventory through a professionally-designed, specifically targeted, marketing campaign.

And the Residents, Landlords, and Property Owners lived happily ever after.

This is Only The Beginning...


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Worcester Property Owners Association

Greater Lowell Landlord Association

New England Real Estate Investor Association

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National Real Estate Investor Association

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