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Resident Services & Rental Policies: $100 Referral Bonus

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$100 Referral Bonus

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$100.00 Bonus for the Belaire Property Management Resident Referral Program:

For years we have been offering a $50.00 resident referral program to help our residents earn extra cash by referring people they know, who qualify, move in, and pay rent on time. This has been a great program because not only do our residents get the opportunity to earn some cash and help out their friends, family, relatives or co-workers; but they also get to pick their neighbors and help us to build a better rental community.

Well, it just got even better.

We are increasing the amount of reward exclusively for Belaire Property Management Residents to $100.00. Non Belaire Property Management Residents are still eligible for our current $50.00 referral bonus. If one of our residents buys a house and moves out we will extend the $100.00 bonus program for a 1-year period after the move out date. After that time, they will still qualify for the $50.00 bonus as a non-resident.

So how does all of this work?

In our monthly newsletter, or from our web site at, residents can see a list of available apartments that we need to get rented. For each unit a resident fills they will be awarded $100.00. To qualify for the referral fee, the applicant must write down into their rental application that referred them, or our resident can contact us directly with the lead. We will show the applicant all available units. If they are interested, they fill out the application. We will screen all applicants to pre-qualify them. If they are awarded the apartment, we will notify the resident that referred them.

When do I collect the $100.00 bonus?

The $100.00 will be awarded in two payments on the 2nd month and on the 6th month period of the new resident renting from us. For the first two months of occupancy the new resident must pay the rent on time for the bonus to qualify. If the rents are ever late within the first 6 months the referral bonus is disqualified.

On the second month if the new resident pays their rent on time, the referrer gets the first half of the award, $50.00. For the next four months of occupancy the new resident must pay the rent on time for the referrer to qualify. On the sixth month if the new resident pays their rent on time, the referrer gets the second half of the award, $50.00.

So, if you like the way we are managing your rental community, and you know people looking for apartments, why not get paid for it? You can earn $100.00 for each unit filled!


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